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today was a great day at work. i was barista all day. which means i didn't touch a single register or deal with a single bitchy person. it was amazing. i was so glad to get the break from register and to just make drinks and back people up all day. and the day went so quickly too! loved it!

then after work i was completely content to just waste away my life on the couch but justin convinced me to go to starbucks with hm and catch up. i really didn't want to at all but ugh. i dont' even know. it wasn't good. like it was good to see him but of course he had to talk about how i was the best thing that ever happened to him and how he regrets messing it up all the time. well if you cared so much for me you could've shown it! and it's been almost three years. give up already, we've both changed and you know it, and we've barely even talked over the past couple of years because you annoy me! ugh!!!!

in other news, my dance teacher's husband was on the news. he was arrested for taking bribes for building permits. ahhh! i don't even know what to say, i feel so bad for them right now.

kristi and i are currently talking about boys and their suckiness. i honestly don't know what to do, it seems like everyone i like never likes me back. but then there's gabe and justin apparently who say i'm the best thing that ever happened to them. why can't the guys i like feel the same way?!!

i hate relationships.

my "i" key is sticking and it's really bothering me.

i like how there was so much stuff i wanted to accomplish this break and i did nothing. i'm great at life.

i want a boyyyyyyy.
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