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it's 4:30 in te morning and i wanted to be in bed hours ago, but i just stumbled across this online and had to post about it.

so this past week, henry asked if i wanted to be an extra in a dance scene for a movie he's working on. hell yeah! and i get an credit too!!! so friday night i went to post and we filmed a rave scene for this horror movie. it was so much fun. we started off with the end of the scene with everyone lying dead in a circle around the main character. then we filmed a bunch of takes with just the dancers. then we added in the main character and did a bunch of different angles with that. then a lot of people left and some stayed (including myself) to dance close ups in a strobe light. i had a blast just dancing around all night. while we were there they also said we could come back saturday and film death sequences and whatnot with fake blood. awesome! so saturday i went back and filmed some scenes with the fake blood. omg, it was so much fun! first we were background people as a girl crawls across the floor covered in blood and a severed head rolls through her path. then for my take i was splattered with blood from "all my friends being murdered". i screamed so much and it came out really well, they were impressed and i'm so excited! anyways! i found some links about the movie, check it out!
an article about the movie
myspace profile for the movie
the director

it'll probably be the only horror film i ever like and that's only cause i'm in it. woo!

okay, bedtime for real now.
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