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my life has changed a lot recently and yet it is still the same. so many things bothered me this summer. so many things about me and just the situations i was in. but i'm a lot happier now. i have suddenly become the most outgoing person. walking around campus i'll say hi to random people, start up conversations. today at the football game i was the one screaming the whole time, getting up and dancing, starting chants. i've become a different person in that way.

but yet, i still am such a sucker for guys. i still let myself fall too easily and get hurt. already i'm stuck on this guy chris. and it's obvious that he's such a flirt and doesn't care about me until he needs something from me. and even though i say that i won't give him the time of day, i still do. he ignores my phone calls and texts, kisses me when he's drunk, promises to stop by, doesn't, and i still pick up stuff for him at walmart. god! i need to now change this. and i also need to stop being so sad about the fact that i don't have anyone special in my life right now. i've got so many other good things going for me. so i can't let it be a problem. i gotta suck it up and just get on with my life. i have way too much other stuff going on anyways.

alright. i can't think of anything else to say. i think i'm just gonna try to do homework and go to bed.

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