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so it's been a really long time since i updated. the semester actually overall went well. my gpa is 3.882, so i got all a's and a-'s in my classes (score!). ashley and i are no longer rooming together, ashley moved across the hall with ella, and kristi moved into my room. we're gonna make our room so cute. and i'm really glad we're rooming together, kristi and i have gotten really close and so far we've kept in touch a lot during this break.

so this break. so far all i've done is work a lot. i worked 34 hours two weeks ago and 42 hours this past week. yet this upcoming week i'm barely working at all (yet). hopefully i'll get called in for some days. anyways. i still haven't seen a lot of my friends. tim is still sick, who knows where steph is, and bella is never around. megaleg and i need to do another starbucks catch up too. but i have hung out with steve, andy, and matt a lot. which has been really fun. oh, i've spent a lot of time with melissa too. it's not always great spending a lot of time in selden, i really want her to come here and hang out with my friends too, but i do enjoy talking to her. we're always boy hunting in the mall, haha.

umm, gabe and i are officially over. we've done so much back and forth stuff and he called a few weeks ago to say that he finally realized that he's not the guy for me anymore. he thinks i've changed, i don't know how or when but apparently i have. i mean, i've always been influenced by the people around me, but never really changed a lot. i don't know. we haven't talked much since then, except last night i called to wish him a merry christmas and we talked for an hour and a half. he has christmas gifts for me that he wants to drop off and i asked if we could get dinner or lunch when he's here. i told my mom that we are officially over and she doesn't believe it. she thinks we'll keep going back to each other until we really find someone new. i don't know, it;s weird to think that we're really over, i don't know how i feel about that.

christmas was okay. i got some nice clothes and a lot of money and gift cards. there wasn't anything i really wanted so it was nice. my aunt and uncle and bo, my dog, were here. it was so nice to hang out with my dog and not have him growl at me, and he seemed to really enjoy my company. i'm sad he's gone, my uncle was annoying though so i'm glad he's gone. i saw all my relatives yesterday and christmas eve too. it was good to spend time with my cousin, she was pretty upset about her boyfriend though, but it was still good to spend time with her. hopefully i'll see her friday night for stacey's 21st bday party.

ummm, i think that's good for now. i'm off to panera for some soup, then out with melissa. byeee.
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