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so i got my laptop back this week (we were getting it fixed) and granted it runs a lot faster and stuff now but it still won't connect to the internet! so i'm pissed. i don't want to tell my mom that it's still not working since we paid like 200 bucks for it to be "fixed" in the first place. but i guess i really have to, there isn't much time left before i have to leave again. i hope it's fixed before i leave! i hate not having the internet at school!

i just found half a french baguette on top of the printer. lol.

so i still haven't gotten my car cleaned since the other night. everyone's like "ewww" and so am i! but neo was fucking supposed to clean it, i love how he followed through on that. great person and friend to have around. NOT!

"I HAte That i Miss you

iHate myself for missing you.

but i'm not bitter...

god damm it just always the pics and the songs that will do it too .

I;m telling myself
thats i just dont care...

now i have to believe....

sooner or later tho... i will.... and i'll be gone from those eyes

some people fall in love and touch the sky
some people fall in love and find quicksand
i hover somewhere in between... i swear...
i cant make up my mind"

that's all from gabe's profile. he imed me the other day and said practically all the same stuff "i tried to hate you and i couldn't, i can't drive in my car cause all i do is think about driving to you. i can't stop thinking about you and it's killing me" and so on. i feel so horrible for him, but i can't go back to him again. i reread some of my journal last night and saw that the first time we broke up i said it was good and then that ended up not being true. i really can't go back to him again, i know it won't work out. not with the way we are now at least. ugh.

i woke up this morning and i had no voice. and now it's bad but it sounds weird and i have a hacking cough and a sore throat. fun! i liked the no voice part though it sounded so funny.

i really didn't realize how little time i have left at home. i know i'll miss it, but i am definitely excited to go back to school. i'd be even more excited if i had made company, but hopefully if i work really hard this semester i can make it next year. my last year. that's so crazy. what the hell am i gonna do after college? ahh.
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