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sayville bound

so this week has calmed down quite a bit. the past two weeks were pretty insane, but now it's nice. last night i took almost a two hour nap and went to barnes and noble and starbucks and panera. today, my last two classes were cancelled, i was done at 1! i don't think i've ever been finished with classes so early, i have no idea what to do with all this free time! and it's really nice outside, so that's just an added plus (but they're saying it might snow tomorrow...let's not think about that).

so i talked to rob, one of the guys in res life. so i can miss the ca training meeting sunday night and go home this weekend!!! yay! but he still didn't tell me if i was hired as a ca. sucks. so i guess i really have to figure out where to live. at least the housing selection isn't until the 24th. if i don't get hired i definitely want to live in the jr/sr housing. i just don't know with who, or if i could get the single in there. oyyyy, i wish i could just find out already so i could make these desicions.

hmm, i do have to study for a test tonight, but i studied a bit yesterday so i think i'm just going to chill for awhile and relax.

i can't wait to go home this weekend!!!
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