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so i'm in the city. moved in today, the apartment is huggge, love it. lindy, krista, jen and i are all getting along fine so far, it's nice being with people from dean who i know something about. we were all desperate for internet access so i called case and asked for his username and password and it worked! so now i'm online and thank goodness! i would die without it. i kinda feel bad being the only one with it but...i was smart enough to ask and actually had the balls to call case even though we haven't really spoken since senior year in high school. he said he might stay in texas and join ballet austin... how amazing is that? i am insanely jealous.


i can't believe i'm actually here. tomorrow krista and i are going to walk around and familiarize ourselves with the area. the girls seem so hesitant about living in the city, and granted i'm no expert but i feel like they're worrying about it a lot. i kinda want to go exploring on my own at some point and i'm afraid they are going to shelter me. we'll see what happens.

i think i might be getting over that crush. finally. when he promised we would hang out before i left for ailey and he never called or anything it just kinda hit me how much i really mattered to him. and that actually wasn't saddening, it was definitely good for me. i just hope we stay friends because i liked when we were close like that. we'll see though. i don't expect anything from him anymore.

umm, i'm tired and hungry, so i'm gonna go make some pop corn chicken and then read my book until i fall asleep. i'm so glad i don't have placement auditions tomorrow.
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