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6 May 1986
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i suck at describing myself. i dance. a lot. i like to read, write, act, sing. i like musical theatre a lot. i'm a dork. i'm practically blind, even with my glasses on. oh and i hate having my picture taken with my glasses on. i need to have a full schedule in order to get anything accomplished, otherwise i get lazy and won't do anything. i can be obsessive about things that make me happy, like dancing, my friends, and my favorite tv show everwood. i know a lot of random information about everwood, it's kinda scary. i'm a really picky eater, i don't like vegetables. i love to hang out with people but sometimes i just like to be alone. i am very dependent on those close to me. i can be a bit insecure but i'm trying to become more self-assured. i love happy endings. cheesy commercials and movies make me cry. i pay attention to all the little things. my favorite color is blue. i like to make up weird nicknames for my friends. i'm finally 21!!! and enjoying every moment of it.

and just so you know, i tend to check my friends page more often than update. i'm trying to change that though.